At Lake Animal Hospital, we believe that family members come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their health problems. We provide veterinary care for pocket pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs, and hamsters.

Routine Pocket Pet Exams

When it comes to pocket pets, the importance of detecting health problems early cannot be overstated, because these critters often succumb rapidly to disease.

Routine physical exams can help with early detection and intervention to protect your pocket pet’s well-being. As part of the overall examination, we will also discuss your pet’s environment so that you can provide it with an optimal lifestyle.


Nutritional and Dental Care

“You are what you eat” certainly applies to pocket pets. Many of the common health problems we routinely see in small mammals, including dental and gastrointestinal ailments, can be prevented by proper nutrition. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats’ teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. Any small problems can therefore become major ones as the teeth grow over time.

We can determine if your pocket pet has a dental problem and take steps to correct it. We can also assist you in finding the right diet for your pet, so that you can prevent any dental problems from emerging!

Rabbit Spaying and Neutering

For pet rabbits, we recommend spaying and neutering. An altered pet will see fewer health problems, have a better temperament, and will not contribute to pet overpopulation. We recommend that you consider spaying or neutering your pet by a year of age for positive health and behavior benefits.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Our goal is to keep your pocket pet healthy and prevent illness. If your pet is injured or ill, rest assured that we have the tools necessary to diagnose the problem and offer treatment.

From blood testing, parasite testing, to imaging, we have the means to track down your pets’ problems. Once the problem is uncovered, we have the expertise to provide the therapy or surgical procedures required to help even the smallest patient.